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Digital transformation with the right talent

We are driven by the strength of our people. Our workspace is a creative podium for the free-flow of ideas and concepts. Our culture is based on creativity, collaboration and empathy.



We are proud of our work and our people, and encourage healthy inter-personal relationships based on mutual respect.



We foster teamwork and value collaborations to ensure all employees work towards common business goals.



Everyone is welcome! We have an inclusive workplace culture and embrace diversity as a key business priority.



The Redlogik workspace is full of creative people with a free-flow of ideas. Come to our Ideation room and get inspired!



We love to see smiling faces! Redlogik encourages disconnect to reconnect to ensure employees have a full life.



We end every week on a high note – with a rejuvenating high tea. Put your hair down and unwind with some delicious treats.

We believe in rewarding quality performance and celebrating our success with our people 
Anil Prasad, RED Technologist

We care for the people we work with

Industry standard pay

We ensure our employees get fair, reliable, market-oriented and performance-based remuneration. We reward good work!

Employee Stock Options

Employees who prove themselves vital to our journey will be eligible for the grant of stock options as per company policies.

Paid time off

Employees will be provided with paid annual leave and sick leaves as per prevailing labour laws.

Flexible Schedules

Work-life balance is vital for job satisfaction. We offer flexible role-based working modules to allow employees to organise life better.

Professional Development

We believe in investing in our workforce and provide on-the-job training and opportunities to improve skills and grow.

Working Culture

A welcoming and supportive work culture that encourages teamwork and recognises and rewards a job well done.