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Smart Logistics Software Solutions

Wami consolidates freight forwarders from across the globe and empowers them with intellectual capital and digital capabilities to reduce operating costs.

Why Wami

Seamless Customer Experience


Cost Savings

Digitalizing operations reduce operating costs and bring value to customers.


Total Transparency

Real-time end-to-end visibility will optimise supply chain efficiency.


Improved networks

Linking customers and agents seamlessly through software integration.


Logistics ERP

A single solution for your entire supply chain and logistics business operations.

Wami platform

Digitalizing Freight Industry

Wami provides software solutions as a product and service for the transport and logistics industry. Asset providers and forwarders can ensure their customers get the best digital experience with reduced costs.
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Our software integrates road transportation, both inland and international, as well as all processes involved in the end-to-end movement of cargo including last mile services.

Equipment Rentals

Our rental software will fit all your renting needs including the hiring of light and heavy equipment, cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

Customs Clearance

All the procedures for clearing customs formalities at various ports around the world can be effortlessly completed through our customs clearance software.

Warehouse and Distribution

Storage of all kinds of perishable and non-perishable goods in suitable warehouses as well as the distribution of the cargo can be seamlessly conducted

Freight Forwarding

Our platform merges and consolidates all the fragmented asset and service providers to provide digitalisation for freight forwarding companies.

Marine Inspection

The software will provide marine inspection and survey services for all kinds of marine ships, merchant vessels, shipping, ocean and offshore projects.

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The Solutions From Redlogik Family

Enterprise solutions

Designed to simplify the bidding process for enterprise users through collaborations with SAP ® ERP.

Integrated International Trucking

Gway is a smart digital solution for all your on-road, cross border transportation needs providing real-time control and complete visibility in one easy application. Our intelligent technologies ensure a secure path towards a streamlined, seamless and simplified land transportation future for the GCC countries. 

Truck and Equipment Rental

RNTL is a mobile technology platform that enables on-demand and scheduled rental booking requests- connecting customers with available equipment and transport drivers. Anytime, anywhere.