January 6, 2021

Youth Can Lead

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From a Spark to a Flame


Digital transformation integrates into every aspect of our society, from retail, finance, logistics, healthcare, all the way to the public sector. It has become a driving force for internal and external operations- bringing new opportunities to innovate, compete, and drive economic growth. However, the skills and talents needed to make the most of these opportunities are in short supply.

Worldwide, the digital transformation market projects exponential growth from USD 469.8 billion in 2020 to USD 1 Trillion by 2025. Technologies such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence ( AI), the Internet of Things ( IoT), Machine Learning ( ML) are transforming the way we work. Industry 4.0 is positively changing every workculture and discipline.

To be a part of this digital revolution, businesses need to attract, retain, mentor and transform young minds with digital skill capabilities. Regardless to say, organizations that can adapt with this intelligent era are the most likely to succeed in this increasingly dynamic environment.

"REDLOGIK envisions marshalling a team of young talents with digital skills and mentoring their metamorphosis into the finest minds of this digital decade. By empowering this future-ready talent, the technology-driven globalized market will benefit in a big way, further fueling REDLOGIK’s passion to bring their innovative capabilities and agility into the limelight".


Looking at it through a young employee’s eye, the youth of today doesn’t just expect a 9-5 job environment, it is now about a spirited workplace that gives them the wings to be agile and thrive in this digitally disruptive climate. This digital realm is all about a mutual symbiosis.

Therefore, companies must creatively consider a variety of opportunities for young talents to build an active learning environment that can create an adaptable and powerful workforce.

In this article, we explore some key steps that will help guide companies to attract, develop, retain, and mentor talent to lead this ever-evolving digital world.


Empowering talents with organizational support

Encouraging employees to learn new skills is the most crucial part of adapting with emerging technologies and organizational practices for continual business growth and evolution. One of the key ways to motivate and inspire employees to learn new skills is to make it evident that the organization supports their development.

Cultivating a culture of continuous improvement

Creating a positive culture of continuous improvement nourishes creative thinking, problem-solving capacity to produce marketable results. It can have a huge impact by fostering an environment where every young talent is motivated to enhance the processes, structures, and resources they use to get work done.

Constructive feedback is always specific

Constructive feedback helps employees define solutions to areas of weakness they may have. Telling someone they did a “good job” or “not satisfactory” doesn’t provide them with proper direction for future responsibilties. Be specific about the actions or attitudes you’d like to see in young talents so they understand their strengths and limitations.

Ensuring employees are satisfied

Job satisfaction generally refers to higher levels of employee retention. It’s therefore important to gain insight into what makes employees remain loyal to a company and embrace initiatives to boost the sense of well-being.

In a nutshell, adopting the above-mentioned developments mean that companies will be working with the young talents the same way that organizations as a whole endeavor to work with their customers- by gaining information about them to better gauge their needs and respond to their expectations. This will not only help companies attract employees with an in-demand skill set but also make retaining them considerably more successful, thus ultimately helping businesses capture the benefits of the current digital transformation trends and keep up with the competitors.


At Redlogik, our employees stand at the very heart of our success as we provide them with greater freedom and opportunities so they can spark their creativity, work outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to problems. Moreover, we ensure our employees have a safe space for failure as each failure we meet with constructive feedback and support, to fuel original thinking and turn it into a positive outcome.

Our ultimate goal is to build a dynamic workforce packed with young talent and empower them to become future leaders – making them capable of attaining personal growth, professional success while contributing to the country’s goals and aspirations.