January 23, 2021

Walking the green mile: A paperless and plastic-free office.

Going Green: Paperless and Plastic-free

Going digital in every way.

"As we are digitalizing logistics, we are digitalizing paper documents wherever possible and moving towards a futuristic, eco-friendly workplace."

The eco-friendly office has been an aspiration for us since the start of this digital decade. We now believe that the digital transformation has given us the opportunity to realize those paperless aspirations, thus inspiring an improved way of life for us and the earth as a whole.

What’s in it for us?

Well, apart from the incomparable benefit that going paperless and plastic-free has on our beautiful planet, digitized documents will also optimize usage of resources, increase security, create sustainable and trackable workflows, and of course declutter workspaces- for a cleaner, more organized office environment.  

"Our CSR Policy encourages a paperless & plastic-free work environment."

Offices, as we know them, are overly reliant on environmentally unsustainable materials. This dependence is not just damaging for the environment, but also makes it hard to track down specific documents when you need to access them the most; translating to loss of time and security.

Luckily, various factors are marshaling a green transformation in today’s organizations, making our green dreams from fiction to fact. Technologies are replacing traditional practices for internal and external communications, e-signatures, team collaboration, and visitor management.

As Redlogik moves toward the workplace of tomorrow, we take the following steps to transform into a green office:

We make going green a victorious effort.

Our green office policies are official and easily accessible to all team members, we also proudly inform our guests about them. Everybody in the office is aware of key benchmarks and goals for usage, as the amount of paper and plastic used monthly.  We set up specific limitations for printing, packaging, office supplies, marketing materials, and mailings.

We are introducing a paperless champion in the office to encourage eco-friendly practices among our team members. Through the constant documentation of progress made and reward-related positive conditioning, we hope to embed a green lifestyle in our employees (which will soon spill over into their personal paper and plastic consumption as well).  

We reduce, recycle, reuse.

We embolden reduction, recycling, and the reuse of plastic and paper materials. Our office has a recycling bin (who we fondly call “The revitalizer”) to collect recyclable waste and segregate it based on paper and plastic waste. We also chose eco-friendly alternatives for daily use purchases, like recycled/seed paper for unavoidable printing. We are defining a purchasing code that inspires reduced waste and increased focus on durability. We constantly audit purchase inventory to track consumption so that we can modify future orders for optimal usage.

We make it personal.

We encourage our employees to reduce consumption of tissues by asking them to bring personal reusable towels from home. Our company asks every new hire to bring a mug to share with the office. This shows personality and gives new employees something to talk about, and it also eliminates the need for paper/plastic cups and disposable mugs.

We begin right from the start

Our first touchpoints- reception, employee check-ins, and business cards (or the lack of business cards)- set the pace for our sustainable efforts. We are excited to be a workplace that is eco-friendly, streamlined, and connected and harness the power of the digital to reduce or eliminate hard copies of documents, sign-in sheets, leave notes, visitor badges et all.  

We take advantage of our technological prowess.

We put less emphasis on office printers and promote the use of easily shareable file formats like PDFs, digital signature software, internal communication tech tools, and electronic record filing. We also collaborate with customers, banks and suppliers, and adopt online invoices, e-transactions, electronic banking, and paperless bank statements- all of which helps us strengthen our green stand.

We are reconsidering 100% paperless marketing

Currently, our marketing activities take up 99 % of our efforts but to reach that 100% mark we are reconsidering the elimination of newspaper ads and promotions. Marketing communications that are digital (such as email campaigns, social media content, AdWords, search engine optimization, etc.) are not just eco-friendly but also provide a greater reach at lesser cost and are easier to monitor, optimize and analyze.  

We go green for our internal communications

We e-communicate for collaboration, project management, and company notifications. Maximizing the digital network enables us to go green with the added advantages of being well-connected to a diverse team located in various time-zones. We leverage the use of efficiency-increasing applications such as Trello,, Good docs, and Slack (just to name a few).

We truly believe that if every organization begins to reduce paper and plastic consumption by even 50%, the future for us all will look brighter and greener.