January 17, 2021

RedLogik: The New Age of Logistics Engineering

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Logistics re-engineered.

In the last two decades, with the advent of the internet, our everyday existence is becoming increasingly digitalized. This transformation has become a game-changer for global economies, contributing to greater levels of efficiency across diverse business organizations. This is particularly true within the supply chain and logistics industry, which has evolved beyond measure, improving service tremendously. In fact, the logistics sector’s size and financial value has grown so exponentially that it is now worth billions of dollars to the global economy. And in Qatar, the size and value of the logistics industry has increased even faster, owing to the country’s position as an emerging key global player in the industry.

“Simplified logistics for everyone”.

In line with this, REDLOGIK – a futuristic logistics solutions provider in Qatar – utilizes this intelligent era and merges it with cutting-edge technological solutions to unify the fragmented global supply chain for maximized efficiency and heightened use of the logistics industry. The company aims to bring a fresh perspective to integrated solutions and create a technology-enabled global logistics network- making simplified logistics available to everyone.

“By the industry, for the industry”.

We are logisticians by passion and use our intense history in the industry to consistently innovate solutions and services that empower the various stakeholders in the logistics industry. We strive to improve existing models and add further flexibility to business operations to ensure a smooth logistics journey by enabling transparent processes, real-time information exchange, and controlled management. Redlogik also aims to reduce costs, meet ever-changing consumer demand, and marshal strategies that unify with environmental sustainability goals.

What we do:

Given that the path to increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction lies in the digitalization of logistics workflows, REDLOGIK offers a broad spectrum of innovative services and products.


ELCY is a modernized way to ship cargo via an online platform that harnesses technology and logistical expertise to create the largest logistics network in the world.  ELCY brings together the fragmented supply chain services industry under one platform, providing end-to-end visibility between the service user and provider, thus eliminating brokers, and reducing costs.


Designed to simplify the bidding process for enterprise users through collaborations with SAP ® ERP. WARA eases the process of inviting tenders for logistics contracts for large enterprises by integrating SAP to provide a spot bid mechanism. It is not only cost-effective but also offers complete visibility- right from the issue of a purchase order until receipt of goods. Moreover, its visibility logs and periodic reminders optimize damage control and catalyze efficient management.


WAMI provides software solutions as a product and service for the transport and logistics industry. Asset providers and forwarders can ensure their customers get the best digital experience with reduced costs. WAMI consolidates freight forwarders from across the globe and empowers them with intellectual capital and digital capabilities to reduce operating costs and access improved networks.


Business Logistics Entrepreneur Network (BLEN) is an affiliated marketing platform built exclusively to connect logistics with customer service and sales management.

Specialized logistics experts in every port can enjoy better customer service through BLEN. It offers individuals entrepreneurial opportunities to build their own logistics network, whereas existing networks can be used to generate leads and boost net worth. A tier-based membership program provides benefits for every transaction.


At REDLOGIK, we care passionately about the environment. That’s why our digital business model complies with the most stringent environmental sustainability goals. We continuously strive to meet sustainability goals to reduce our carbon footprint, make the world a greener place, and appeal to the people who value sustainability.