Woman Power Matters: Strengthening the value and culture at Redlogik.

Women empowerment, women in technology

It is very important for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes- gender no bar.

Our philosophy at Redlogik has always been to break patterns and disrupt the norm- be it in logistics or technology. But we don’t stop there; we also take every possible measure to entrust progress through human empowerment, be it women or men.

We aspire for our team to be an aggregate of eclectic minds, and what better way to encourage this beautiful medley of personalities than harnessing the power of our women colleagues.

Ever since the inception of Redlogik, we have strived continuously to be promoters of work-ethics backed by deep-rooted culture and integrity, which made Redlogik a workplace that invites women team members and propels progress for them on a non-biased, consistent trajectory.  

Yesterday was all about stereotypes, but today is focused on the power of diversity and equality, setting the benchmark for a future that is successful and empowered.

When we ask our female colleagues what they like about working with Redlogik, the answer is unanimous- “We trust that every approval or disapproval is due to the work I do, not because I’m a woman.” And that statement for us says it all.

We let passion and work define progress and growth, not gender.

What we have learned over the years of being a gender-equal team is that;

When you give a woman a purpose to work for, she makes it her passion.

When you give a woman the flexibility that encourages work-life balance, her creativity can move mountains.

When you give a woman the platform to lead, she can take your company to new heights.

How do you ask?

Talent unlimited.

-       A diverse team with some of the brightest minds gives us the liberty to tap into unexplored talents that women bring to the table. Apart from an analytical, organized, and creative output, women, can also bring a nurturing element to the team, which results in higher productivity and better team management.

Better communication.

-       We have observed that women on the team are highly empathetic and can gauge emotional responses to reflect more tremendous team efforts, smoother communication, and stronger team alliances.

Creative curation.

-       A man and a woman are hardwired to think differently, which always gives us unique aspects of a situation, thus fuelling our decisions to be out of the box and one-of-a-kind. You’ll also be surprised to read that sometimes the women in our team surprise us with their thoughts, breaking down age-old stereotypes.

Leading the way.

-       The female leaders in our team are the icon for collaborative-thinking, time-management, and business development.

Growing together.

-       A report by Mckinsey states that organizations with gender-diversity are 21% more likely to have a faster growth index. And we can see this happening first-hand.

The moral of our story is:

Equal is empowering.

United, we are better.

Together we are stronger.

“It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.”