June 4, 2020

REDLOGIK signs agreement with SAP

REDLOGIK Solutions W.L.L. has signed a Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) Cooperation Agreement with SAP SE of Germany. As per the agreement a member of the Redlogik technical team will work together with SAP in a collaborative lab.

The scope of work of the agreement includes jointly exploring and identifying the requirements for a future joint project regarding building a solution to integrate REDLOGIK with SAP Logistics Business Network and SAP Business Suite to manage Inland Freight movement.

As per the agreement, SAP will provide a lab participant to coordinate with REDLOGIK and provide guidance on SAP products and related information, software and system architecture design support, project planning support and support for joint marketing planning for the results of future projects.

The agreement is a part of the REDLOGIK solution for enterprises WARA, a supply chain integrator, that will ease the process of inviting tenders for logistics contracts for large enterprises by integrating SAP to provide a spot bid mechanism.