November 12, 2020

Redlogik celebrates World Quality Day 2020

World Quality Day 2020. Redlogik, driving agile supply chains.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking” – Henry Ford


Quality is the cornerstone of every successful business. It is a pursuit of excellence, striving to be the best we can be, while satisfying expectations of all stakeholders. World Quality Day was formed by the Chartered Quality Institute to create an awareness about the importance of quality and to encourage businesses to improve customer value through quality management. The theme for World Quality Day 2020 is ‘Creating Customer Value’.


Our Quality Culture


Redlogik is a customer-focused organization and we are fostering a culture of creating value for our customers by innovating and constantly improving our products and processes. The logistics and supply chain solutions industry is constantly evolving with customer requirements and expectations undergoing continuous changes. Redlogik, a supply chain and logistics management company, promotes a customer-centric quality culture that makes us realize that it is the customer and not the company that defines what quality means. Being a logistics solutions provider and working with a large number of freight forwarding companies and service providers across the globe, we understand the importance to collaborate with all our stakeholders to improve our product quality and resolve any issues that may arise.


Our Quality Policy


At Redlogik, we understand what drives value for our stakeholders and aim to identify the segments where we can provide more value compared to our competitors. Our quality policy follows a Manage and Measure system where we will manage and measure your supply chain efficiency with standard operating procedures, so that you can manage and improve your supply chain operations.

By Manage, we mean that all our customer work orders for supply chain and logistics operations will be driven by SOPs mutually agreed by all the relevant stakeholders.

By Measure, we mean Redlogik will ensure each SOP is converted to execution milestone KPIs, which are created based on best logistics practices.

Redlogik, on World Quality Day, thanks all our employees and stakeholders for helping us achieve our quality goals.