A Green Life: Respecting the planet we live on.

This International Earth Day we at Redlogik vow to co-exist towards a future that is sustainable, green, ethical and conscious.

“It is our collective and individual responsibility, to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live.”

Natural calamities like forest fires, tsunamis, earthquakes, and melting ice-caps have been trying to tell us something- they are passing on a message from mother nature. Instead, they send us a warning that it’s high time we start respecting our beautiful home, our magical planet Earth- before it’s too late.

How have we reached this level of destruction?

By thinking that the Earth is ours (human’s) to own.

Our beautiful planet is home to millions and millions of species- with millions more to discover, and yet we humans- ONE of those million species think it is our right to claim ownership over this magnanimous planet?

The balance that was meant to be has been thrown off because we only seem to take from the planet. An ethical balance was one like we had in the yesteryears when cave dwellers hunted for their personal dietary needs- not like today- where animals are hunted or grown for mass commercialism. There was a balance when people cut down a few trees to build their own shelters- not like today, where corporations slash forests for business gain.

Our human race is taking away homes for a million life-forms to create cities and industries. We are over-utilizing nature’s blessings and destroying eco-systems to dig out coals and other natural resources.

What is the result of this misuse?

Our planet is completely imbalanced. We breathe to the food we eat right from the air, right from the water we drink to the sun shining through a hole in the ozone layer- every single element is not how it was supposed to be.

The Earth was created equal- it is home to tiny microorganisms and ginormous beings, and to have a flourishing future, we have to show respect to our planet by learning to co-exist. That is the only way that nature will survive.

We need to revolt against the destruction of mother nature, and we need to create a sustainable life.

How can we do that?

By playing our roles in creating a sustainable lifestyle. By making even slight modifications to our daily lives, we can alter the course of this global destruction and stop the irreversible damage to our planet Earth. And like any other change, this revolution can begin within ourselves, in our homes, and our personal lives.

  1. Choose better.

Non-recyclable materials like plastic create a tremendous burden on Earth. Thanks to our shameless use of plastic in the past, our eco-system now has millions of tiny plastic fragments infiltrating every life form. We can choose to replace plastic with eco-friendly, compostable, reusable, or recyclable materials like beeswax paper, silicone, cloth, glass, and recycled paper.

  1. Change the way we treat water.

Dental hygiene is crucial for us all, right? But do we really need to keep the tap water flowing while brushing our teeth? Each day, millions of liters of water are wasted just because we are not in the habit of turning the tap while brushing. We can easily use 1/10th the amount of water while taking care of our personal hygiene.

  1. Coffee and mocktails this weekend?

Invest in your own cup/mug for your delicious drinks, and add steel straws to your cart while buying your travel mug too! Not only will you look super-stylish drinking out of your own cup, but you will be saying “NO” to plastic cups and straws.

  1. Waste not, want not.

How can we be so careless that we waste tons of perfectly edible food every day? We can easily reduce food waste by following the principles of maximized consumption. For example, bones and extras in meat can be slow-boiled with vegetable peels and scraps for a healthy and delicious broth. You can make your own curd at home by simply boiling some milk and adding in some acidity- how will this help? You won’t be buying curds and yogurt in plastic containers from the supermarkets anymore.

You not only save the environment, but you will also save some bucks!

  1. Be ethical.

To maintain the balance of consumption vs. availability, it is essential to source produce locally from farmers who earn their bread and butter by selling meats, fruits, grains, and vegetables. By doing this, we can not only help humanity thrive, but we will also be discouraging mass-market products, which are supplied by giant corporations that are polluting and destroying our natural resources with only profit as their goal.

  1. Go green at home.

Got an empty box or plastic bottle? Wash it well, paint over it and make it a beautiful masterpiece. Single-use plastic water bottles can be cut in half and used to grow microgreens effectively in your kitchen. Stop using paper towels for the kitchen; kitchen rolls create unnecessary waste. Instead, we can use cloth or micro-fiber materials that are not just better for nature but also guarantee a better cleaning experience.

  1. Drive towards a sustainable future.

Cars are convenient, but what will we do with this convenience when there is no planet left to live on? We don’t need to stop using cars, of course not! But small steps make a big difference in reducing our carbon footprints. We can turn off our cars while waiting at long stop-lights. We can choose to take the efficient metro services to work every day instead of driving- this will save us money, give us some time for ourselves without worrying about traffic and make a substantial positive impact on the pollution levels. If we are ready to burn some calories while protecting the Earth, we can even choose to cycle to the grocery store every now and then.

Whatever we do, it’s important to remember that tiny drops make a roaring ocean. It is time to unite and join the green revolution. It is time to take a stand against environmental destruction. It is the time to come together and create a future where humans and other earth-dwellers can co-exist while uplifting one another.

The Earth is our home, and we vow to protect it; we hope you will take this oath with us on International Earth Day 2021.

7.9 Billion Dreams..One Planet..Consume with Care.